Occupational Medicine


Gas Industry Specific


“I am truly grateful to be working in conjunction with Washington Occupational Medicine Group at the Washington Helth System. The staff here understands the importance in returning employees to work as soon as practical. The staff is very friendly and provides prompt care and proper diagnostic exams conveniently located in the hospital. Not only will we continue to utilize their service, but would highly encourage others to do the same. Thank you for your knowledgeable, professional, and prompt care and services.”

Chris Toomey, EH&S Coordinator, ROC Service Company 


“The Washington Health System Occupational Medicine Center has provided outstanding occupational health care to our employees. We use the Occupational Medicine Center for employee’s injuries, pre-employment and DOT physicals and post-accident drug screens. We have a great working relationship with Dr. Scott Leslie and the staff; they are always courteous, professional and willing to answer questions.”

Thomas Gardner, CSHM, Safety Coordinator, Advanced Oilfield Services

“Dr. Leslie, First, let me say that you have an excellent staff.  I have enjoyed working with all of them over the last two years and appreciate their efforts.  They have gone above and beyond my expectations, are always helpful, and always professional.  You are fortunate to have them on your team.  I would certainly prefer having our employees visit Washington Health System Occupational Medicine for Hearing and Respiratory Fit Testing.”

Chris Fotos I HSE Manager, Appalachia US, BOS SOLUTIONS I Redefining Efficiency


“As a newcomer to this area, our gas and oil field workers and staff have been treated with professional quality, warm and friendly faces, and have been very open to all concerns and communication to better serve our needs.  Employees have made many positive statements about the medic al care they received at Occ. Med.  Confidentiality and respect is an on-going feature.  'They rechecked my blood pressure since it was a little high the first time.' 'Their equipment was new to me and they explained what they were doing before it was done.'  'Everyone was calm and reassuring the entire time.'  'I noticed everyone seemed busy with work but had time for me as an individual.'  As a member of their Employee Advisory Board and contact person for our company I found them to be excellent in their field and a valuable resource.”

Beverly Magee, Diversified Well Logging



Non-Gas Industry


“I have been working with Occupational Medicine for about 14 years.  The staff is excellent!  No matter what my questions or concerns are, the staff is always willing and able to help me quickly.  I feel I have a very good rapport with the staff.  I have never had any problems scheduling appointments in a timely manner.  And when I have an emergency such as a minor injury that needs medical attention, I call, explain the injury and then I am able to send the employee to Occupational Medicine immediately for treatment. I have never had any of our employees report to me that they were treated unfairly or had any problems with the staff.  For the past 10 years I have been active with the quarterly Employer Advisory Meetings.  I feel these meetings have helped both the employers and the Occupational Medicine staff with ideas and information.  It gives employers the opportunity to also see how similar situations are handled at other businesses.  In closing, I feel Occupational Medicine is an extension of our staff here at Cooper.  Occupational Medicine is a vital part of our business and we greatly appreciate the service we have received.”

Olive Bartkowiak, HR Coordinator, Cooper/Crouse-Hinds Outlet Boxes


“I had a real good experience with your Center. I had good communication, the staff is excellent, and they always help me with anything when I call. Very satisfied with everything.”

Julie E. Wells, GMS Mine Repair



Dr. Leslie


“It is a privilege for me to say a few words about the extraordinary support Dr. Scott Leslie M.D. provided to Pro-Tec Coating Company.  Pro-Tec is a Japanese-American joint venture steel company located in rural northwest Ohio.  Safety is our first priority, an embedded core belief within our empowered workforce.  That said, we struggled aligning our safety initiatives with a comprehensive approach to employee wellness.  Scott collaborated with our safety and HR professionals to design and implement unique programs. These programs delivered measurable and sustainable safety results and improved overall wellness.  Dr. Leslie’s programs insured the best treatment for the rare case of an injured associate and minimized the time away from normal work.  Dr. Leslie and his staff coached and encouraged healthier lifestyles for our associates.  He was personally onsite at our facility twice per month seeing associates for a broad range of health and wellness issues.  Scott’s genuine concern and engaging personality made him very approachable.  Several associates with serious medical conditions were diagnosed early and subsequent treatment provided very positive outcomes.  I would recommend Dr. Scott Leslie to any organization seeking a skilled, compassionate, innovative occupational health professional.”

Paul Worstell, Retired President Pro-Tec Coating Company, 2007 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award


“In my experience, Dr. Leslie easily formed partnerships with area businesses to provide open communication while developing trust and respect from the employees that he treated. His knowledge of our workplace allowed Dr. Leslie to manage injuries better and design work restrictions to accommodate the workers' needs, as well as allow them to remain productive in the workplace.”

Keith Kuchera, Safety Manager, Werk-Brau Co., Inc.


“Dr. Scott Leslie played a huge role in partnering with us to keep our recordable injuries low.  He was well loved and respected by our employees.  He always kept the employees' interest a priority while balancing the needs of the company.”

Suzanne Dye, Human Resources Generalist Workers Compensation, Whirlpool Corporation


“You were outstanding in your Occupational Medicine field at evaluating and treating our employees to help get them back to work as quickly as possible. Your professionalism and compassionate personality left people feeling comfortable to come to the medical dept. for treatment which is what a good company wants for their employees.  Thank you for all you did for us here at Materion.”

Julia A St. John, CWCP, Workers Compensation and Employee Benifits Supervisor, Materion (formerly Brush Wellman)


“Dr. Scott Leslie provided excellent medical support to the employees of Marathon Petroleum Company in Findlay , OH.  His knowledge and experience in occupational medicine helped us provide a safe and healthy work environment in the Findlay Office Complex.”

Susan Iorio, RN, MS, COHN-S, NP-C , Marathon Petroleum Company, LP


“I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Leslie while he was working with our Occupational Medical Clinic here in Ohio. He took the time to visit our facility to learn about our business and the jobs at our facility. I found Scott to be very thorough and conscientious when working with our employees to get them back to work.”

Marcus Franklin, HR Team Leader – Automotive, Graham Packaging Company


“Dr. Scott Leslie provided care for several of our employees.  He excelled at asking questions to have a good understanding of the employees' complaints, doing a thorough exam, and an explanation of the condition and treatment.  He understood we would provide light duty for any restrictions and was very clear in his communication.”

Billie Browne, EHS Manager, International Paper