The cost for your medical care may be very high. You need to know how much of the cost will be paid by insurance and how much you may ultimately be responsible for.


Before your procedure or office visit is scheduled, information such as your age, address, employer, marital status, Social Security number, and insurance should be sent to one of Washington Health System Cardiovascular Care’s billing specialists.

Your billing specialist will contact your insurance company to learn what benefits are available for your procedure and/or office visit.


Information obtained by your billing specialist may include the following:

  • effective date of insurance coverage
  • deductible amounts
  • co-insurance or other insurance supplements
  • pre-certification requirements

The hospital and the physician practice plans are separate from each other, with separate billing departments. The hospital will charge you for use of its facilities and services. The physician practice plan will bill you for services provided by doctors and staff. Knowing this difference may help to avoid confusion when you start receiving statements or bills. A representative from Washington Health System Cardiovascular Care's Billing Department may contact you during billing to help prevent delays in the processing of your insurance claim.


As a Washington Health System Cardiovascular Care patient, you have an important role in the financial aspect of your care. You have the responsibility to know your available insurance benefits and to review the information sent to you. You also have the responsibility to inform your Billing Specialist of any additional insurance you may have, and to report any changes in your insurance coverage.


When you take an active role in the reimbursement and payment processes, you can help your financial affairs run more smoothly.


Who to Call
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the billing department weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST. You may also call after-hours and a member of our billing department will promptly return your phone call.


General financial or insurance related information: (724) 229-1926.